Long time before Google Maps, I used to have a huge map in my room. All colorful, full of information and with impeccable quality.

As a child, I spent hours looking to that beautiful graphic representation of the earth’s surface, paying attention to borders, latitudes, longitudes … trying to decorate all capitals and flags.

Everything there fascinated me a lot.

Maybe not coincidentally, the two disciplines that most caught my attention at school were History and Geography. Encouraged by my mother, I read a lot. At home, on the bus, at school…

During class brakes, I remember the many times I went to the library to read a fiction book or even those who try to teach you a new language.

Already in college, I ended up falling in love for photography, this time with the inspiration of my father, from whom I got my first camera and with whom I’ve learned to make a pinhole.

Still in digital pre-photography era, I tried to learn all about making beautiful images. Much more in practice than in theory, because classes in the academic lab had been very useful.

In 2015, after a year of deep planning, I decided I would make a trip around the world. Traveling more than 60,000 kilometers, 14 countries and dozens of cities was the most amazing opportunity I had to practice and improve my photos.

In about 200 days on the road, I was privileged to witness many sunsets, stand before Wonders of the Modern World and to see with my own eyes the diversity of nature and human being.

This is what I like to do and what will always be subject here in the Tripnova website:

  • Travel and see amazing places;
  • Shooting landscapes, architecture and nature;
  • Travel writing, photography, innovation and creativity;
  • Unique and enriching experiences.

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You can get to know my work as a photographer in http://tripnova.com.br/portfolio/. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pictures, just send me an email.

Hopefully I’ll help you to travel more and more, discovering the best places on the planet and recording not only in memory but also in photographs, the best souvenirs we can have it.

Daniel Gois

“We change When the pain of staying the same passe greater than the pain of changing”